Morrowind Hardcore Rules


  • Lowest difficulty setting
  • No cheats or console commands
  • No exploits
    • Permanant stat buffs 0
    • Permanant Summons 1
    • Alchemy exploits 2
    • No effect stacking exploits 3
    • No exploting Magika spells to gain magika.


So here are some clarifications for some rules that may be a bit fuzzy.
 0 This one is pretty simple, anything that permanantly gives a stat buff. An example is the Soultrap on target 1s + Fortify stat exploit.
 1 Same as the stat buff exploit but the same spell combo with summonned items or creatures to make them permanant.
 2 Specifically this prohibits any kind of recursive Alchemy behaviours, like drinking an inteligence potion to make better inteligence potions. This does not prohibit the use of alchemy to create potions as long as it is not used to directly affect the user's ability to make potions.