Morrowind Mods

I can understand why some people would want mods, generally part of the challenge is to play the game vanilla but for those who want to have some upgrades some mods are allowed as long as they don't change the balance of the game. Some reccomendations are:

Quality of Life Improvements

World and object meshes

Weapon and armor meshes


Body, Face, and Hair mods

These are the most subjective mods here, if you don't like my choices that's fine. For me ease of install and lack of conflicts was most important. Also I find MacKom's heads to be very "Pretty" and less in line with Morrowind's theme. There is no hair pack that replaces NPC hair and don't use MacKom's Heads is easy to install, so hair packs listed here are only for the player. @ me on Twitter if you know a hair pack that can be installed with NMM/Vortex that works with better heads and replaces NPC hairs.

Other changes